The need of money sometimes turns to be so urgent that we look for the best source to get immediate cash. Cash loans are very popular in Singapore and so it is important for you to know 5 Various Ways To avail cash loan in Singapore.


Payday loan:  A payday loan is basically a short-term which is unsecured in nature which individuals prefer to avail to meet up certain expenses like medical bills, rent, and many other important family expenses for which one can’t wait for next payday.  small amount pay day loans are also available as the amount you can pay easily after receiving the pay check.

Instant Cash loan:  This is a mix of personal and pay day loan. Here the borrower is given the scope to avail certain amount of fund based on the level of income. Time for repayment given ranges between 2 to 4 months. The rate of interest will be high but you will get fund instantly.

Cash advance:  This loan is quite similar to instant cash loan but connected to a credit card. Borrower will get the chance to borrow to the extent of the credit limit.

Debt consolidation: As the name suggests this type of loan is taken to pay off the debt created due to other loans. This type of loan is made available at an affordable rate of interest.

P2P: P2P, or peer to peer lending is now getting huge popularity in Singapore and loan regulators are making the best possible effort to make this option suitable for use locally. This loan is presently made available to SME in Singapore. Here also the interest rate is bit high than regular personal loans from banks, but will be made available to your at a faster pace with less paper work.

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