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Fast Cash Loans in Singapore

Personal Loan

Get the best personal loan fast for various important or urgent cash needs. As a licensed money lending firm in Singapore, Golden Credit is the perfect place for you to apply for a personal loan.

Credit Preservation Loan

Want to keep your credit record in good standing? If you answered yes, then our credit preservation loan is ideal for your case. Get in touch with one of our loan experts to discuss your options.

Debt Consolidation Loan

Do you need a Debt Consolidation Loan in Singapore? Call us today to speak with a licensed and professional loan consultant who will craft your unique debt consolidation plan for you.

Short Term Loan

Get the EXTRA CASH you need with a fast payday loan in Singapore. Payday or short-term loan is perfect for you if you just need some extra money to help you get through till your next paycheck. Call us or apply online.

Holiday Loans

Looking to take a holiday but don’t have the funds? Get the lowest interest vacation loans in Singapore. With our personalised package, can you go for your dream destination without worrying about the financial aspects.

Business Loans

Need an urgent business loan in Singapore to start, manage or expand your business, contact Golden Credit and our loan officers with help you find a personalised loan package for your business needs.

Renovation Loans

Style your dream home with our flexible and affordable renovation loans. Find out the latest and best renovation loan packages for your home only at Golden Credit.

Payday  Loans in Singapore

Find the best payday loan from a reliable and licensed money lender in Singapore. We provide the lowest payday loan interest rates. Our commitment is to help meet any financial emergency that you have with our flexible payday loan.

Wedding Loans

Get the best wedding loan with low interest rates and make your dream wedding a reality. Golden Credit provides flexible and affordable Marriage Loan for couples in Singapore when they are in need.


Why People Choose Us

We understand how to effectively guide you through the home loan or refinance process and avoid potential problems along the way.

Fast Approval

Normally we process all loans within 24 hours.

Low Interest Rate

We always guarantee the lowest interest rate in the market.


We maintain high transparency with no hidden cost.

Free Financial Consultancy

We are always open to give you advice on any financial situation.

Simple Loan Process

We meet your quick cash needs with our licensed and reliable money lending services

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Get Fast Cash Loan In Singapore with Reliable Licensed Money Lending Firm – Golden Credit

Problems on money are the worst kinds. Not having enough cash to see you through certain seasons can be paralyzing and downright discouraging. That’s why when money is the matter, only fast solutions are helpful. Granted that Singapore is an economical force to reckon with, finances can be hard to maintain when there is a need to spend to achieve certain targets. As with any business venture or professional need, cash can also be delayed sometimes.

Many times, nothing is wiser than approaching a trustworthy lender who understands what you need and how urgently you need it. Singapore is a country blessed to have many lenders scattered around the metro. Despite that, it’s best to approach one that’s been in the industry for quite some time and that provides convenient arrangements for any borrower.

For anyone who understands business, the words “Singapore” and “cash” almost go hand-in-hand. As this country is fortunate enough to enjoy a steady stable of investors, it is also equally unavoidable even for the most hardworking entrepreneur to be cash-strapped. Times are promising, but that doesn’t mean times will not be hard.

When you’re in Singapore, it is imperative for you to get your priorities intact and true enough, the process isn’t always in our favor. There is nothing to be shy about if a loan is what you need.


Cash problem is common in today’s economic times. Fast cash loans are frequently needed to sort out time-sensitive emergencies. When you need a fast cash loan, Trust us to provide the quality of service that you deserve every time you need a fast cash loan. As a licensed moneylender for fast cash personal loan Singapore, Golden Credit has the solutions for your fast cash personal loan in Singapore. With us, it is not difficult to obtain instant loan in Singapore, no matter what your emergency and our process is entirely stress-free.

We understand that life can throw emergency situations at you when least expected. Our business thrives when we lend a helping hand and make sure that you are cushioned from all sorts of financial crisis– we provide legal and fast cash loans in Singapore at the lowest interest rates in Singapore, be it loans for payday or personal needs, and even for foreigners who need monetary aid.

We pride ourselves in giving you timely and adequate information and advice based on your personal needs. You will know exactly how much money you are borrowing, the maximum fees you can be charged and the total payments that has to be made.

Our business thrives upon making sure that you stay safe from all sorts of fiscal crisis. We understand that life can throw some emergency situations at you, when least expected. And, when stuck in such crisis situation, we can be your helping hand.

Our transparency in service has managed to fetch us an unparalleled status of being a highly dependable and reliable licensed money lending firm in Singapore. We at Golden Credit strive to deliver personalized solutions by listening to your unique needs, and at the same time assuring maximum confidentiality.

Need fast cash in Singapore? Contact our team today to find out how we can help you get the money you need faster. Fill in our enquiry form or call us directly at +65 62241300


“Very convenient location for me despite many different Moneylenders outlet same area. I always come to Golden Credit as I feel comfortable with loan officer.”

Mrs Lim / Teck Whye,


“Their staff listens patiently and gives good interest rate with no long wait and hassle free. I feel at ease that I am taking a loan with approved moneylender.”

Mr. Tan / Jurong,


“Thank you for helping when I need the instant cash for rolling over to the next month. Thank you for lending. Appreciated.”

Marissa T. /Tanjong Pagar,


“Good in explaining the terms, rates and contract. They are very transparent and interest is very low. For lender that are worried, go to Golden Credit if you need quick assessment.”

Kenneth Low/Potong Pasir,


“We were looking for the fast cash urgently to settle our business. The banks’ process takes a few days and the interest rates are quite expensive. My friend introduce me to Golden Credit service and everything is just nice. My loan got approved instantly at a very competitive rate. I would definitely recommend Golden Credit to anyone who needs fast cash.”

Henry Tan,



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Please Note 

The Ministry of Law Singapore has implemented strict rules and regulations with Licensed Moneylenders. To complete the loan process from Licensed Moneylenders, you are required to visit our official approved physical address at People’s Park Centre, #01-05F.

If you ever receive any loan offers via WhatsApp or SMS or FaceBook or Random Social platform from any person claiming to be from Golden Credit and request to meet at other locations or willing to direct transfer money to your bank account without meeting you in person.

Please do not send any money, ignore them and do file a report asap to the following options as they are unlicensed/illegal money lenders aka loan sharks:

1. To provide Police information on loansharking activities, members of the public can call the Police Hotline at 1800-255-0000 or to dial ‘999’ if urgent assistance is required.

2. Alternatively, persons who may not want to approach the Police directly may call the National Crime Prevention Council’s (NCPC) ‘X Ah Long’ Hotline at 1800-924-5664 (1800-X-AH-LONG) (9am to 5pm from Mondays to Friday) to provide the information which will be channelled to Police to assist us with our investigations. All information will be kept strictly confidential.