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Licensed Money Lending Company in Singapore

Sometimes all you need is a little help

Golden Credit (S) Pte Ltd is a comprehensive moneylending firm in Singapore that offers loans for various fiscal crisis. Offering services in Singapore, for the past so many years, we have managed to gain an unsurpassed repute.

Our business thrives upon making sure that you stay safe from all sorts of fiscal crisis. We understand that life can throw some emergency situations at you, when least expected. And, when stuck in such crisis situation, we can be your helping hand.

No matter what the financial dilemma is, whether you need to pay-off your bills or are looking to get some quick cash until your next paycheck arrives, Golden Credit is one name you can always look up to for economic help.

We are an IPTO licensed firm in Singapore with the sole pursuit to help people stuck in monetary emergencies. The core strength of our work philosophy is to understand your needs, and then create a bespoke package that goes well with your requirements. Understanding that adversities do not look time and date before arriving, it is our prime focus to provide you with the cash in quick time, and minimum legal formalities, so that you do not have to go through any hard times.

Our transparency in service has managed to fetch us an unparalleled status of being a highly dependable moneylending firm in Singapore. We at Golden Credit strive to deliver personalized solutions by listening to your unique needs, and at the same time assuring maximum confidentiality.

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    Golden Credit in Singapore is a reputable money lending firm offering a comprehensive list of financial solutions. This includes personal loans, payday or short-term loans, renovation loans, and business loans, to name a few.  Over the years, we’ve provided quality services to our growing pool of clients.

    As a private money lender, our business is anchored to providing you safe solutions in case of fiscal crisis. We understand that emergencies and unforeseen incidents can happen, and our company can be an instrument to solve your financial problems.

    Wide Variety of Lending Services

    If you are looking for a money lender that can assist you with your bills, business expansion, or holiday vacation, we have the perfect option for you. We will provide an offer that is according to your financial needs and capacity.

    We are a licensed money lender built to genuinely help you, whether you are an individual looking for extra cash or a business owner who needs additional funds for operations.

    Personalized Lending Packages

    What sets us apart is that we carefully evaluate your financial concerns and create an appropriate bespoke package. In addition, we understand how time is important for financial emergencies. Thus, we created a system where we can release cash at the fastest possible time yet still following all the legal requirements.


    It has been our practice to be transparent with our clients, which has earned us a spot to be one of the most trusted money lenders in Singapore.

    Our experts will walk you through the necessary details so you will holistically understand the agreement, and be able to manage your expectations.

    Golden Credit is your trusted and licensed money lender, giving you the best possible financial solutions. Our company’s goal is to satisfy the needs of our clients and pave the way for them to experience financial freedom.