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Angel Investor Loan in Singapore

If you want to start a small business but you do not qualify for traditional business loans. An angel investor steps in and chooses to provide the funding based on the fact that you have a strong personal credit rating and that you have a plan to make the business profitable within a reasonable period of time.

The rule of thumb when starting a business is always to start lean and grow big. Be financially savvy, always compare and contrast all your options for financing before settling on a method. Know the pros and cons associated with each method. Doing so will increase the odds of selecting the right financing approach in assisting you to pick the right help.

Similar to Angel investors, Golden Credit is able to provide loan in competitive terms. If you need help to launch a business and would like to use your personal credit as the means to finance the operation, reach out to us and have talk with our loan officers to further guide you. Drop us a message using the contact form. Call us at +65 6224 1300 to find out more, or visit us at our office in People’s Park Centre, 101 Upper Cross St, #01-05F, Singapore 058357 (in front of Ya Kun Kaya Toast)


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