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Credit Preservation Loan

Want to keep your credit record in good standing? Is your credit woes getting out of hand? If you answered yes, then our credit preservation loan is ideal for your case. Our credit preservation plan is popular with clients who have credit card debt and need to rehabilitate their credit worthiness. If you need this type of loan, simply get in touch with one of our loan experts to discuss your options privately and arrange a repayment plan that is easily manageable for you.


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Why engage us for your Credit Preservation Loan?

Speedy loan approval lets you pay off your credit card bills in less than a day so that you can use it for more urgent purposes such as on travel

We treat all borrowers equally, we serve all races, no prejudice!

This loan takes less than a minute to apply for, say goodbye to long application forms!

No fine print, you get what you see.

Am I eligible?

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You are aged between 21 years of age and 65 years of age

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Have your ID Card on hand

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Your earn a minimum yearly income of S$20,000 or more.

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You are a Singaporean Citizen or Permanent Resident

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