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Renovation Loan in Singapore

For new home dwellers, most home owners will be excited to renovate to their preferred favourite feel and look. Even without the extravagance, basic renovations are still necessary for a home to be habitable, such as installing electrical end points, installing bathroom heaters and basic paint work.

A quick search on the internet to the latest average spending on renovations for a new BTO flat will cost at least a substantial sum $40,000 to $60,000 for HDB resale flat. Unlike the down payment for your home, you cannot use your CPF for your renovations. Hence most home owner will have do with bare minimum or restrict themselves with all areas in cutting cost. If you’ve done the maths and cannot see yourself realistically saving up that sum by the time you collect your keys, then one option is to take up a renovation loan. Approach Golden Credit to find out how we are able to lend you a hand in building your ideal home.


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    ▪ Simple Loan process, and easy to understand repayment scheme

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    You are aged between 21 years of age and 65 years of age

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    Have your ID Card on hand

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    Your earn a minimum yearly income of S$20,000 or more.

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    You are a Singaporean Citizen or Permanent Resident

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    Your home is your sanctuary, and it’s ideal to have it decorated the way you will be most comfortable – without having to compromise its looks. However, even the basic house improvements could cost you a huge sum of money. Think about the bare minimum, such as basic paint jobs, installing bathroom heaters, and installing electrical endpoints.

    Instead of waiting to save up for your house renovation budget, the solution is to apply for a renovation loan at Golden Credit. Over the years, we’ve helped several homeowners transform their plain houses into lovely homes.

    Low Interest for Renovation Loan in Singapore

    Here at Golden Credit, one of our objectives is to help as many people as possible with their home improvement needs. Thus, we offer low interest loan packages suited for your financial capacity. Our team will evaluate what you need, thereby offering personalized packages.

    We value transparency and credibility. That’s why our lending experts will walk you through the agreement before signing. It’s important for us that you understand every part of the contract so you can manage expectations and your finances.

    Can You Use Your CPF for Home Renovations? 

    You cannot use your CPF for home improvements, and the best option is to find a reputable money lending company such as Golden Credit. We have a streamlined and straightforward application process to provide you the needed amount in the fastest possible time.

    Getting your home renovated is an exciting yet financially challenging journey. Let Golden Credit help you with our renovation loan packages.