What Do You Need to Know About Money Loan Singapore Rules?

If you are facing a financial crunch, you don’t need to suffer in silence. There are several financial institutions and banks in Singapore that will offer you a personal money loan Singapore to get out of the situation. It is important to make sure that the EMI is payable and you don’t end up in a worse condition. If banks are not ready to provide you with a loan based on your annual income or credit score, you can always turn to financial organizations for a loan for bad credit score Singapore.

Can you get a loan if you already have one?

You can get a new loan if your credit score is good even if you have an ongoing loan. Even for bad credit, you can apply for a consolidation loan to pay off the due and minimize the interest rate.

Is there any minimum wage requirement for a personal loan?

There is no minimum wage requirement to apply for a personal loan but your loan amount may depend on your monthly income.

How much personal loan you can apply for?

Generally, the amount of a personal loan is maximum 4 times of your monthly income. If you need more, you can negotiate with the company for more.

What are the eligibility criteria for a personal loan?

The major eligibility criterion is to be a full-time employee for any resident of Singapore. For people who are not a resident, a valid E-Pass and S-pass will be required. You need to be older than 21 years in both cases.

If you are looking for a money loan Singapore, you can talk to Golden Credit. This is a trusted financial organization with a license to provide a loan. it will solve your money-related requirement and help you out of a bad financial situation.

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